Re: The most legendary dive bars in Chicago



By Jaquelin Estrada

Chicago is known for having a great night life and it was interesting to learn that it also had legendary dive bars. A dive bar, for those of you that don’t know, is a usually unglamorous bar that serves cheap and simple drinks with regulars. I came across this blog post when I was looking for interesting bars in Chicago.

The first bar mentioned was Billy Goat Tavern and this was a huge surprise because it is located under the Tribune Tower. Not just that, it has been there since 1934! As someone who loves to walk downtown and look at all of the architecture, this was interesting. When I further researched it, I learned about their menu which consisted of burgers and sandwiches.


Photo: Chicago Traveler

All of the bars mentioned were interesting in their own way, mostly being cheap and also a place where people who want to chill can go. However, I noticed that these bars are mostly located on the north side and this leaves out a large variety of bars.

Another bar from the list that sounded interesting was the Cove Lounge which is in Hyde Park. What stood out about this bar was that it mentioned having a massive mural of Barack Obama. This would be fun on the weekends for the sole fact that it would spark conversations amongst the people there.  On the other hand, this could also be a bad idea because people get more vocal when they start to drink. Either way, it would be interesting to just drink here and watch people’s reaction to the mural.


Photo: Yelp

Another cool bar mentioned was Kingston Mines. When people start to drink, their mood is either great or horrible. There is no in between. If you’re having a shitty week or got a bad grade and want to loathe, this bar would be great to go to and hear music. The post mentions that Kingston Mines is a blues club which is always a great idea and it is also open every day of the year. Also, they have an extensive menu that makes you drool by just looking at it. If you’re having a down week, why not come here and chill? Making that trip from UIC would definitely be worth it.


Kingston Mines; Photo: Yelp

Although this blog only features a few bars, they did a great job at summarizing the locations and made the audience want to check them out by giving supporting details. Photos of each bar were also used and this was a great way to have the viewer feel more opted to go and see it for themselves. The title of the blog post has the word “legendary” which really set a high standard for me and unfortunately it did not pull through for me. I felt as though the bars were interesting, but Chicago could have better ones to offer. What was also cool was that they rated how expensive every bar was from a 1 to 4 scale.


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