Feature: College Student vs. Chicago Bars


Photo by Jaquelin Estrada

By Jaquelin Estrada

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I began to meet a lot of people who lived in the Pilsen area. A large portion of these people religiously go to Simone’s Bar and also like to venture out to the north side bars occasionally. From constantly going to Simone’s Bar, my friends have befriended the bartenders and also formed a relationship with this bar. Featuring an avid bar goer only seemed fit.

My friend’s name is Victor and he is possibly the heaviest college drinker that I know. What better way for college students to learn about where to go on the weekends than an avid bar goer? Saturday night was totally in effect and it was the perfect time to ask Victor about his experiences with bars in Chicago. Victor is currently a senior at UIC and he is an Engineering major. Although he does not live on campus, he mentioned that he had a lot of friends that did and so he comes on the weekends and stays with them.


Photo: Chicago Luxury Hotels

Victor is Latino and mentioned that he feels more comfortable as well as connected to the Pilsen community because of this. Simone’s is where they go about 6/10 times a month. When I showed him the listicle of bars for UIC students, he mentioned that he had only gone to half of them and that he highly requested Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill on Mondays because of the $.35 wings. He also mentioned that it was a prime location to go to and watch the games because other avid fans are drunk. Victor also mentioned that the wings from Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill were the best to cure a hangover. He mentioned that avid beer drinkers should go to Simone’s because they served the best Alagash beer in the city as well as the best margarita mixes. As you can probably tell, Victor’s favorite thing to drink at bars are beers.


Photo: Simonesbar.com

Being from Chicago, Victor gave me the top locations to go and get a beer which was The Barrel. This location is in Pilsen which is less than 15 minutes away from campus. He mentioned that if anyone loves Chicago and wants to support its brewery’s, this was the place to go. The staff were some of his favorites because they help the customers choose what beer to get based on what they usually get to drink. Although he is definitely not a fan of the jazz music, he said it was still a chill place to go. Other places he mentioned that were not shown on my listicle were Headquarters and Slippery Slope.


Slippery Slope; Photo: Time Out

Both of these locations are farther away from campus but are both fun and worth the trip. Victor has always loved video games and mentioned that Headquarters was the place to go if you feel like having a more interactive night as well as a date night. Headquarters features a wide arrange of video games, the Simpson game being one of his favorites. He mentioned that Slippery Slope was more of a chill place to just stand around and drink because there was nothing else going on there which was somehow appealing? We have actually gone with friends before and there is a great photo booth located inside. Victor mentioned that this was one of his top places to go on dates because the photo booth makes the “chicks go wild”.


Headquarters; Photo: Eater Chicago

As a UIC college student, Victor feels as though it needs more bars around campus that are fun and not just places to eat. He mentioned that having a place like headquarters close by would give students a great place to chill after class and unwind during the weekend. As an engineering student, he is always drowning in homework and studying non stop. Going to the bars is a great way to bond with friends and also meet new friends from around the city. Being from Chicago, he mentioned that he loved the city life and all of its affordances such as a great night life.


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