Re: Spring break- Mega Bus and and a Lack of Transparency

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By Lauren Yard

So, I read this article a while ago and I take issue with it for a couple of reasons. I realize that these two girls went out and successfully went through with this trip but at the same time, there are some significant points that aren’t really covered in the article.
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Tropikava: Feature

By Alheli Garcia

I first heard of kava when a friend of mine invited me out for drinks, “It’s like a tea on steroids”, he said. To my surprise, this drink was a tea that had the same effects as alcohol but without the part that seriously damages your liver. These facts were completely new to me. I had never heard of kava and was extremely curious to try it. As we entered Tropikava, the only kava bar in Chicago, the waiter handed us the menu which contained more in depth information about the origin of the drink.
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Q&A with Brenda the Rad Waitress


Photo: Feminiya

Brenda is a bartender who works at Simone’s Bar in Pilsen. She is currently attending college and hopes to become a nurse. Brenda is a punk rocker who has always loved piercings, tattoos, and going out to drink with her friends who share the same love of style. She started bartending when she was 22 years old and mentioned that her dad was also a bartender. Brenda is now 24 and has learned a lot about the bar and restaurant business. Brenda has worked at Simone’s Bar for about two years and hopes to stay working here while she is in school. Interviewing Brenda was a no brainer because she is able to give an insight of the business that we would not understand.
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How to Find Entertainment in Chicago on a Budget with Stephen Ruiz

Stephen Ruiz in Millennium Park (Photo Credit: Stephen Ruiz)

By Lauren Yard

I’ve known Stephen Ruiz for one semester but through working with him on a project and the conversations we’ve had outside of class, it is easy to tell that he is the type of guy that knows Chicago well and can easily find something to do any day of the week.

Stephen has lived downtown for the better part of 3 years and in the suburbs of Chicago for pretty much his whole life. He’s worked minimum wage for most of the time he has lived here and as a result has had to come up with a system of creative budgeting to maximize on his money and entertainment.
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10 Things You Can Do When Your Friends Want to Hang Out (And You Have No Money)

By Lauren Yard

Storymap by Lauren Yard

Some people like to go out and experience the world around them while others like to keep their activity to an absolute minimum. Similarly, some love to go out with their friends while others prefer to keep their own company. The Storymap above caters to an assortment of personality types to ensure there is a game plan for  any type of person.
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Top 10 bars around UIC


Photo: UI Alumni Network

By Jaquelin Estrada

  1. Roscoe’s

Photo: Trip Advisor

Roscoe’s is known in Chicago for being one of the best gay bars. This is located in the center of Boystown and it has a multifaceted bar, restaurant, and nightclub space. For students who go to UIC, this is easy to get to by taking the Halsted bus north. Every night has a special and they sell pitchers for $15, the Long Island pitcher is recommended

3356 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60657

  1. Ph.D Pub

Photo: Joe Brottman Art

Known as being one of the closest bars to UIC, Ph.D Pub is a prime location to go year round. They have a patio right outside of the pub where people are able to have drinks and catch up. Their beer menu is long which is always a plus. One of the highlights is that they allow people to bring their own food! They also have daily specials which includes shots for $4.

1257 S Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60607

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Feature: College Student vs. Chicago Bars


Photo by Jaquelin Estrada

By Jaquelin Estrada

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I began to meet a lot of people who lived in the Pilsen area. A large portion of these people religiously go to Simone’s Bar and also like to venture out to the north side bars occasionally. From constantly going to Simone’s Bar, my friends have befriended the bartenders and also formed a relationship with this bar. Featuring an avid bar goer only seemed fit.
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