Jackfruit in Chicago: Review

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

By Alheli Garcia
A couple months ago I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I stumbled upon a friend’s post that talked about creative and innovative vegan recipes. This is how I discovered the jackfruit. When I think of vegan food, I imagine the usual fruits and vegetables, but the idea of making a fruit taste like meat was very intriguing. My curiosity ever since I stumbled upon this Facebook post led me to research the jackfruit.  It was not only the fruit’s name  that caught my attention but the claims that you can make this tropical fruit taste like pulled pork. This  seemed unusual. While I was Googling this innovation I found that there is a restaurant in Chicago, Upton’s Break Room, that serves this allegedly meat-tasting fruit.
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Feature: Navy Pier on a Budget


Navy Pier’s Centennial Wheel Spring 2017.
Photo By Lauren Yard

By Lauren Yard

I decided to go to Navy Pier to see what I could do with 3 friends and a 20 in my pocket recently to see if it was worth our time to make the trip with so little money. What I found was an abundance of free entertainment, some mildly expensive  food, and overall a fantastic evening especially towards the end of the night.
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Cheap and Healthy : Advice from the Experts

photo from The Paleo Mom

By Alheli Garcia

The meaning of food in our lives may take on many forms. Some cultures take on a moral approach to their dietary habits, others emphasize health by focusing on whole foods and following ancestral eating habits. Many people see food as an essential source of fuel to survive on a daily basis whether it is processed or whole foods, food is food. However, being an overall healthy person is a common goal in today’s society and to accomplish that optimal health we have to start with adopting a diet that fulfills our nutritional requirements.
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Cheap Eats for Students on a Budget: Listicle

By Alheli Garcia

1) Patio Restaurant
1503 W. Taylor Street
The patio has been in business for almost 70 years offering the cheapest Italian beef and hot dogs in the, area according to their friendly staff. It is a family owned business famous around University village. I walked in on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed, however its friendly employees still took the time to answer a couple questions and even agreed to take a picture for the listicle.

photo by Alheli Garcia

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